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Sell physical gift cards
with custom value on Magestore POS

Encourage new and returning customers for your business
with customized Magento POS solution

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A physical gift cards solution that benefits you and your customers

Magestore POS: Sell physical gift cards on Magento POS

More choices for your customers

Let customers choose a custom value for the gift card during checkout. Customers can redeem the cards online or in-store.

Less work for your staff

Automate gift code import into Magento. Now you can track gift card balances, status, and activities from one place.

Higher ROI for you

Spend less time on menial tasks and more time on your staff and customers. Boost sales and stand out with unique shopping experience - you'll get back what you spend in no time.

A physical gift cards solution that fits your business requirements

Simplify your gift card sales process, even when you're using pre-printed gift codes outside your Magento system. Check out gift card in 5 simple steps and let customer use it in-store or online.

Sell physical gift card on Magento POS
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Scan physical gift cards on Magento POS
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Add physical gift card to cart
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Import physical gift cards data to Magento
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Redeem gift code on Magento POS
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Design your POS system, on your own terms

Your business, your system. Combine a Magento-native system that just works,
with customization to match your requirements.

Boost sales with Magestore POS loyalty program

Omnichannel shopping experience made easy. Build and manage gift cards from your Magento backend, no technical skills needed.

  • Support both e-card and physical gift cards
  • Redeem gift code online and offline
  • Works with Magento without 3rd party integration
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Deliver even better service with customized solution

Go one step further and give customer a special shopping experience without the extra work.

  • Get all the core gift card features, plus:
  • Add custom value to gift card during checkout
  • Import pre-printed gift code into Magento system
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No, selling physical gift cards with custom value is a customization on our POS. Please book a consultation with us if you're interested in this solution.
You can sell gift cards with custom value in your system in 4 simple steps, if you use Magento and Magestore POS:
  • Step 1: Install Magento
  • Step 2: Setup Magestore POS with Magento 2 Gift Card feature.
  • Step 3: Implement customized solution
  • Step 4: Train your staff on how to use the system to sell physical gift cards.
Yes, if a customer purchases a physical gift card at the POS, they can use it in-store or online. All activities are updated into Magento and the POS, so you'll always get real-time data.
We offer customized solution based on unique business requirements. Talk to us and we'll make sure you have a system that meets your needs.