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Magento Point of Sale System Comparison Chart

Choosing the right POS system for your business is no easy task. We create a comparison chart that features 6 Magento POS systems side by side, to help you make better decisions.

Magento POS system comparison

With our comparison chart, you'll able to...

  • See the goods and drawbacks of 6 providers: Magestore, Lightspeed, Vend...
  • Get a detailed list of the key features you need in a POS system
  • Compare variety of features from pricing to checkout & sales functions
  • Make sense of Magento POS systems and make better decisions

This checklist provides you with a side-by-side analysis of different POS systems. Make it easy for you to answer some of the questions about POS providers, must-have features, pricing, etc....We hope that our comparison chart will help you make informed decisions.

- Jackie, Solution Specialist, Magestore

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